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Antony Doggwiler
Antony Doggwiler
Antony's approach to business is simple - he takes care of the numbers so you don't have to.Most entrepreneurs go into business because they love what they do. Whether it is marketing, selling, operating or inventing, it is their passion for what they believe they are good at that spurs them on.Whilst obviously having a keen eye for profits and cash, most aspects of finance are something they endure rather than enjoy. That is fine at the start, but as a business grows finance invariably begins to take up more and more time.This is where Antony's skills come to the fore as he quickly assesses what needs to be done and gets on with it, leaving the entrepreneur free to get on with what he enjoys, and more importantly, creates value for his business.Because Antony has worked with both corporates and SMEs he is able to bring that big business expertise while having empathy with the issues and challenges a growing business faces.Working on a flexible basis Antony is able to start with a business earlier than the cost of a full time appointment would normally allow and can often continue working with the entrepreneur right up until an exit is achievedThe result - more money, more time, less hassle!

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