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Connect With Us (How To Connect)
Connect With Us (How To Connect)
We are a team of practical, experienced business people who have come together to agree the key issues facing entrepreneurs and how to provide support for them.Our aim both as individuals and as a group is to provide genuine value to entrepreneurs who want to improve the performance of their business and achieve their long term goals of expansion or exit.What distinguishes us from others in our field?Many of us have done what you do. Run, built and in some cases sold business. We know the stresses and strains and how difficult it is to find the right advisor for a given situation.This website introduces our new book which is designed to provide a highly readable set of principles and actions, which will convert readily into increased performance and profits in your business.Each chapter addresses a specific issue, such as Marketing, Exit Strategies or Sources of Finance and provides stand alone advice which can be acted upon immediately within your business.Other chapters such as 7 Vital Signs or People Development improve your fundamental knowledge of your business and form the basis for further work and development activity.Chapters on ICT and the Law are designed to help you avoid unnecessary risks running your business and the chapter on Mindset is designed to help you improve your own attitude of mind to overcoming problems and grow your business successfully.To connect with us simply buy and read the book, decide which area(s) you would like to know more about and contact any one of us directly.If you would like to discuss what your best approach might be just connect with Alan Charlesworth who will be happy to discuss your individual issues with you and help you decide on the best way forward. No commitment required.You can review the capabilities of each of us on this website and look at our respective websites and other contact addresses as well.
If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your business strategy, contact us for a consultation.

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