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Maurice Cheng
Maurice Cheng
Maurice started his career as a research consultant, gathering market evidence to help clients grow in their markets.Getting into Board Marketing roles gave him the opportunity to use market understanding to work within a business to drive revenues. Along the way however came the realisation that defining good opportunities and goals was a lot easier than delivering them - staff had a way of getting in the way at times. Then came the understanding that, actually, working with managers and staff to define the vision and objectives in the first place meant strategies were understood and delivered as a team much more easily.And that's what Maurice loves doing most - for his clients, and in his executive and non executive roles, in a mix of commercial, public sector and not for profit companies, in the UK and outwards to Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim countries.It's not a branded formula, it is an approach that works, for entrepreneurs, company directors and non executives who believe their organisation needs to grow, and change to grow - and grow its people along with it.Interested in having a first discussion about how Maurice could help work with you and your managers to define and drive growth?

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