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Chapter 5 - How the Law helps you
Chapter 5 - How the Law helps you
How the Law helps your BusinessEarly Legal Advice is Good Legal Advice: Sometimes, just sometimes it happens that people seek legal advice before taking steps that might make life difficult. Not often enough but it does happen.Romeo and Juliet got in touch with me (whilst I was writing this chapter as it happens) and said they had been recommended to me by another client of mine who told them that they needed some sound commercial advice. They are two high-powered people in the financial services world who wanted to set up their own business. The precise nature of the business doesn't matter for the purposes of this story. What does matter is that they came to me before any key decisions were taken.The fact that this was a new, start-up business is relevant in at least one way but some of the issues that arise are relevant at any stage in the life-cycle of an existing, developing business that is seeking to go to the "next stage".We discussed the various cycles within any business venture. There are no "check-lists" that can prepare the entrepreneur on an on-going basis. Rather, they will plateau and realise when they get there that they somehow need to move forward to the next level and then the next plateau.The trick is to anticipate the plateau that will inevitably arrive and work out how to overcome the hurdles before you fall over them.I said that it was most likely that the next time we had a discussion about structure was likely to be when the business was a success and other people were interested in "helping" them take it forward.
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