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Suzanne Hazelton
Suzanne Hazelton
Suzanne describes herself as a peopleologist, working with individuals and organisations to THRIVE!Suzanne is passionate about working with people and organisations to "be the best". However in her experience successful people, such as yourself, achieve success and then often plateau and don't become all that you, and your business is capable of becoming. This problem manifests itself in two distinct ways:Firstly perhaps you want 'more' but find it difficult to articulate or to know how to take it to the next level. This can leaves you, and those working around you feeling disconnected and less motivated. This negatively impacts not only your happiness but also the business' bottom line.Alternatively, perhaps you know your 'game changing' idea, but have difficulty developing it, whether through fear, lack of focus or an inability to articulate it clearly.Suzanne's an experienced coach and trainer, and works both with corporate leaders and with entrepreneurs, like yourself. She's got a Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology, training in NLP and psychotherapy - all tools which she can use to enable you to unlock whatever's holding you back, enabling you to build on your success and achieve transformational results.Suzanne is the author of two books, Raise Your Game: How to build on your results to achieve transformational results & Great Days at Work: How positive psychology can transform your working life.If your business has plateaued and is causing you frustration and sleepless nights you may want to consider re-invigorating yourself, in order to spark business growth.Suzanne is known for leaving people feeling zestified and ready for the bigger game.

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